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How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger Blog [Blogspot] 2020 – WayToidea

I had told you how to make a blog or website for free. If you have come to our blog for the first time then definitely read this, how to start a Free Blog on Blogger.

You must be thinking that if we have created a blog for free, then what is the need of domain in it? So first you know what is Domain Name?
Blogger, which is Google’s platform, gives you a chance to create a free blog. 
This does not mean that Google Blogger gives you a TLD domain for free, a free blog comes with a sub-domain name. Such as .blogspot sub domain.

Let me tell you what is sub domain is. When you buy a domain name, you can make many more domains by using it. 

Let’s learn with example.
If  your main domain is father, then all the sub-domains are his child.
For example, our domain is, so its sub-domains will be something like this;,, how to etc.
There are many advantages to using custom domain name in Blogger.
If you want to know that Blogger is giving us a domain in free, then what is the need to add a domain. So let’s know about benefits of adding custom domain in Blogger.

Custom Domain have  Professional look

A sub-domain is very lengthy, and visitors won’t be able to remember it quickly. So it will give you a professional look and your visitors will also be able to remember it.
Or you don’t like, this name. and you want to remove .blogspot from your blog URL.
You can also create your own professional email address, Eg.
If you haven’t professional email address, Start a blog and get professional email address with Bluehost, and get exclusive discount.

Alexa Ranking

If your domain is looks like this, and someone from India opens it then it will open in, Likewise in America and in Pakistan.
There is a problem in this that you will not be able to increase your blog’s Alexa Rank quickly.

Google ranking

Custom domain plays a big role in Google ranking. And according to Google algorithm related to TLD, Google attaches more importance to top level domain [TLD] than sub domains, like. blogspot.
In Google search results, the name of your blog comes in the sub domain. And it is more likely to reduce click through rate.
Under many case studies, website traffic increased after adding custom domain.

Quick Adsense Approval

Although  Google Adsense gives you Adsense approval on .blogspot sub-domain. Blogger is Google’s product, so there is no problem in it.
But  if you add a custom domain to Blogger, then it increases the chance of getting Adsense account approved, compared to sub domain.
Let’s learn about, How To add Custom Domain In Blogger Blog Steps by Steps.
So let’s dig it.

How To Add Custom Domain on Blogger Blog [Blogspot]

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Add Custom Domain to blogger Blog
By the way, there are many platforms on Google that provide you top level, even WordPress hosting.
The method of adding custom domain in Blogger (blogspot), which I am going to tell, will work on all platforms, such as GoDaddy, Name Cheap Bluehost.
So Follow these simple steps to Add A Custom Domain In Blogger Blog [Blogspot].

Step – 1 
First of all go to your Blogger dashboard.

Step – 2
Go to settings >> basic.

Step – 3
After going in basic section, Click on +Set up a third party URL for your blog.
Step – 4 

Now you have to enter your domain name which you have purchased. Your domain must be from the format After adding, click on the “Save” button.

Step – 5

Now you will get an error message, “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.” Error 14 “
This means that your domain’s DNS (Domain Name System) has not been set on the blogger. Here you will find records of 2 CNAMEs, which you have to add to your domain.
Step – 6

Now you have to go to your domain provider website, like GoDaddy, Bluehost, name Cheap.

Now you have to go to your domain provider website, like GoDaddy, Bluehost, name Cheap.
I am telling you here with an example of GoDaddy, this method will work on all platforms.

Step – 7
Then sign-in in GoDaddy, then click on your Profile icon >> Manage Domains. And choose your Domain.
Manage domains on GoDaddy
Manage domains GoDaddy

Step – 9

On the next page, click the DNS zone file to add the record. (See screenshot below for reference).
DNS zone file GoDaddy
DNS zone file GoDaddy
Step – 10

Click on Add record & from the pop-up select CNAME record & add both the record one by one from your BlogSpot setting screen.

Here is both the screenshots to make it easy for you to understand the step.
Add A record GoDaddy
Add A record GoDaddy
Click on Add another & copy the second CNAME record from your BlogSpot settings Page.
Add CNAME record GoDaddy
Add CNAME GoDaddy

Click on finish & on the next page you need to click on “Save changes”.

Step – 11

This is next step, where you just need to add 4 I.P. Address in your A record.

The process is going to be the same as above, all you need to do is add a record instead of CNAME.
I’m sharing screenshots, will help you understand how to add A record, and similarly you can add all 4 A records.
Add IP address GoDaddy
Add IP address GoDaddy
Like this, you need to have total 4 A record. Here are the  I.P. address of 4 A record which you need to add.
After adding total 4 A record (IP address).
Here is the final screenshot of my “A” record page on Godaddy.
DNS zone file GoDaddy
DNS zone file GoDaddy
Step – 11
This is last step, Click “Save” in Blogger setting’s page.
Keep in mind, redirect non www version of your domain to www. Simply click on Edit and check the options which says “Redirect CustomDomain.Com to”. See screenshot below.

Add a Custom domain in blogger setting page
Add Custom Domain In Blogger

All done !! Now you have added custom domain for your blogger blog. Now sit back and enjoy your drink!

Watch video on “How to Add Custom Domain name in Blogger”.


How easy it is to custom domain add in blogger. If you are still not able to understand, then you can also watch the video which is given above.

If you are stuck somewhere in the process and need some help, feel free to let me know through the comments. 
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