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Are you finally to start the blog you’ve been thinking about for years? Well great!

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to start the blog and how to get up and running quickly.

I Will take you through the step by step process of getting your blog up and running so you can get started.

How to start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
How to start a blog

So if you’re ready, let’s get going, and if you want to learn more tips to improve your WordPress or blogger website, make sure you hit the subscribe to our newsletter.

new content. First, we’ll talk about getting hosting, then we’ll talk about the domain name and what you want to call your blog.

Next, we’ll install WordPress and then we’ll choose the theme for your blog.

We’ll set up the different pages that your blog needs and then we will add plugins to extend the functionality of your website.

Make it do the things that you want it to do. Finally, we’ll write our first blog post

1. Choose perfect blog niche

(beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog, choose most profitable blog niche
Choose Perfect blog niche

Before starting a blog you should choose most profitable blog niche, that actually makes money

Well, I’m also going to tell you about the top five most profitable blog niches. but before it you should know about this…..

1.1 What is blog niche??

I want you guys to think of a blog
as like a very long form conversation,
a conversation that you have
for long, long periods of time.

And so that’s what I want you to think
of a blog and essentially it is a website
that people go to to read about a certain topic And so that is blog niche.

1.2 How to choose right and most profitable blog niche?

When you’re picking a blog niche,
you’ll watch and read tons of videos or articles and people will tell you don’t do what you love, do what you love, blah blah, blah.

But I’m just going to break it down and be honest with you.

Do what you love and you want to know
why because you have to talk about it.
Okay. A lot.

Which brings me to my number one
step two finding your blog niche.

When you were picking your blog niche,
you want to make sure that you love having this conversation.

What is the one thing that your friends
and family know that you cannot shut up about?

In my case, it’s definitely about business. It’s definitely about travel, it’s about social impact, that real of world, but business for sure.

I love everything. And anything that
has to do with running a business creating an online platform,
being an entrepreneursthe struggles that come with it, the mindset, you see where I am going.

It’s not just one specific thing, but yet it is. You get it.

So then the second thing you really want
to consider when you are picking a blog
niche is what are you good at?
Now I say what you’re good at.

Because for example, I’ve had conversations with people that are like, look, I just want to make money. And it’s like, okay, that’s wonderful.

We all want to make money.

There’s nothing wrong with that,
except you want to make sure that
you’re doing it in the right way.

And what I mean by that is you don’t
want to create a blog about something you don’t really care about, but you
know nothing about.

For example,
if it’s going to be an investment and
financing and you know nothing about it, but you know that because it’s finance and investments. 

If you’re going to make
money like no time. 

How if you don’t know what you’re talking about,

no one’s gonna read your blogs and no
one’s gonna want to have a conversation
with you so you won’t really make money from it.

So you want to make sure that you
absolutely love what you do.

Like I said,
part of step one was knowing the one thing you cannot shut up about and creating content off that. 

And if you love it, amazing. Now, one of the most important things is Jen,
I can’t pick one thing I love
talking about, but this is the thing.

The reason why it’s so important to pick
a niche is so that people are looking
for you for one specific thing. They
know you as one specific expert.

Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t
eventually talk about other things you

For example, let’s say you’re a
food blogger and you’re like, I love food,
But I also love makeup and I also love
traveling and I also have mental health
and those are all the things I want to
talk about. 

I love all those things too.
I love food, but I’m not an expert at food. I love makeup,
but I’m not an expert at makeup. 

I love talking about mental health,
but I’m no expert about it, right?
So my point is, pick one thing.

When you’re starting out a blog, and guys, this is literally the most
important part of this article.

If you watch anything else,
pick one thing that you love.
Be an expert in that space.

And I mean show up as the person
who loves to write about food.

Create all the recipes that you need
in order for people to know, like,
and trust you, and then introduce them to the other sides of you that they don’t know. And that’s the secret to creating
a successful block totality.

The other objection that I constantly
always get is, Oh, but Jen,
everybody is a food blogger.

Everybody has a travel blogger.

The industry is so saturated.
Yeah, okay, whatever. 

First of all, everyone is doing that because
it’s good and it’s working.
That’s why people are doing it. The
differences that not everybody’s the same.

Everybody talks about certain
things differently, right?

There are tons of bloggers and YouTubers that
talk about content like this,
but not everybody talks
about it.

How I do. Right?

So that’s what I want you guys to
consider when you are picking your blog

Be super confident who you are,
understand that there’s more than
enough room for everybody at the top.

And if you’re looking at someone
that you admire and you’re like,
you know what dude, I could do that better than you and I want to give it a try, then do it because you
probably can’t. 

All right,
so just to recap here so we have
everything all nicely tied up.

The first thing you want to do when you
are considering a niche is deciding what
it is that you love to talk about.

The one thing you cannot stop talking
about the you’re obsessed with that people know you for and all those things.

The second thing I want you to do is to
be able to create enough content that it
kick-starts you and you want to pick one thing.

You want to pick one thing specifically
because it allows for people to know,
like and trust you in that space and

then you could eventually open up to the
other parts of your life that you like

because what’s going to start to happen
as a blog, as a long form content and people will start to get to know you and they will love you and they will create
a massive audience personality.

Then you can utilize that in various
streams of income ideas, blah, blah, blah.

The very last,
last thing I want you guys to take away
is you don’t have to have it all set up
and what.

I mean by that is I get
people that come to me and like, okay,
I have my blog niche idea.

I have like 20 blog posts ready to go
and I’m going to launch them all at the
same time. Not a good idea.

Don’t do that for various reasons.
One of them specifically being that you
don’t really know what’s going to work
for your audience. 

Follow different peoples for different reasons. Like I said,
they can be 20,000 Bloggers that
talk about growing an online business.

But you’re reading this article right now
because you resonate with me for a very
specific reason. 

You like the way I talk, you like the way I communicate,

whatever it is, that’s the same way
your audience will learn to come to you.
Does that make sense?

And so what’s going to happen over time is that yes,
you should have a few blog posts ready
with the mindset that like this is what I
want to be known for, right?

And then start listening to what
your audience is asking for.

Because maybe you’re gonna be a food
blogger and you start generically writing
about recipes that you love. And one
of the recipes is like a vegan recipe.

And you find that everybody loves that
vegan recipe and they want more of those. 

So what do you do? You give them more of those,
you’re not going to give them the steak sandwich.

You’re going to give them the vegetarian
option because that’s what they want.

More. So listen to your audience.
I cannot stress this enough. 

I say this to my clients all the time,
you guys listen to your audience.

Your audience is giving you the formula
and the key for everything that you need
is to create in a successful business.

You just have to listen. All right guys,
so there you have it.

You now know what a blog niche is
and you now know how to pick it.
So I’m excited to see what you
guys have going on.

Now as I said,
I had a little surprise for you guys.
I have a challenge that you can join
because now you’ve created your blog or
you’re ready to create your blog and you’re like, okay.
Here’s is your ultimate gift for you.

So let’s know about top 5 most profitable blog niches, that’s really make money in 2020.

1. Health related niche
2. Technology niche
3. Make money niche
4. lifestyle & beauty niche
5. Blogging (How to) niche

2. Choose Perfect Web Hosting

Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog, choose Perfect Web hosting
Choose Perfect Web hosting

What’s happening when you build a house.

You have the land that you need to use to put the house on,
that’s the same the hosting provider. The hosting provider has the servers
that all of your files all of your files and folders will go on.

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Next you have an address and that’s so people know where to find you
and the address is your domain name or your web address.

You want to start building your Free website and your website is your home. 

That’s what house all of your files, all of your images, the color structure, the way that it looks, the functionality of it via the plugins. 

Finally you have your mailbox
which is your email address and that’s how people can contact you
and all of these come together to make up your whole website on the web.

Now, at waytoidea we recommend using BlueHost as your hosting provider.

They have great customer support, they are one of the oldest, most established hosting companies out there.

They’re officially recommended by the organizationand waytoidea users can get 60% off
and a free domain by using our discount code. 

To get that discount just go to
hit enter and it’ll take you to that page. We also have a link below that you can use as well.

From here, just click on the big green get started button and it’ll take you to the select your plan page.

Bluehost web hosting plans, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
Bluehost web hosting plans

You can choose your plan here, the biggest difference between these two is
with this one, its very basic and you’re only allowed one website.

Whereas with this one, if you have web addresses or multiple websites that you want to set up then this might be the best one for you.

After you’ve chosen which setup you want, go ahead and sign up with a new domain name that you want since it comes free and click next.

From here you want to go ahead and create your account by filling in all of this information and then down here you want to verify the package information.

I would say that your domain privacy you don’t need, we normally just turn that off.

Things like backup site and sitelocker, there are a lot of great plugins and features available within WordPress so you don’t need that either.

Once you fill out all the information you see the amount that’s being discounted.

Now just fill in your payment information and you’ll have your hosting account set up.

Now that we’ve signed up, we’ll get a congratulations message screen and we’ll just need to click on the next screen where we can create our password.

This password will be used to manage our hosting account.

Once you create the password, they will start setting up the account for you.
One of the great things about BlueHost is now they’ve made installing WordPress even easier.

From here you can select a theme that you might like to go with your site.

WordPress theme page, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
WordPress theme page

Since I’ll be walking you through the whole process, let’s go ahead and skip this step.

3. Install WordPress on your host

Install WordPress on your host, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
Install WordPress on your host

And now that they automatically set up WordPress for you, you no longer have

to go into your BlueHost account and install WordPress and go through that process.

Once we get everything set up, you can click start building and we’ll be taken to
the back end of our WordPress dashboard where we can start customizing it.

Great, now that WordPress is installed, this is the back end
of our website where you could go in, make changes to it.

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4. Apply A theme

Apply theme on WordPress blog, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
Apply theme

Let’s go ahead and change the look and feel of our site by picking a theme.
I’m gonna show you real quick what it currently looks like. Yours might look a little differently

but by default, WordPress installs with the latest theme that they have
and this the twenty nineteen theme for the site. You see its very nice big and bold typogrophy. 

A lot of white space and it really drives the user to read the blog posts.

That may be, it might be a little bit plain for some people so let’s go in and look at some changes that we can do.

To do that we’ll go to our Appearance and we’ll go to themes.

WordPress theme, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
WordPress themes

Now right now for my site, these are all of the themes that are currently installed on my
WordPress website and this one is the only active one.

You can only have one theme active at any time but you can have multiples installed.

You can click on the add new and this will pull in all the available themes
from the WordPress repository where they house all the themes.

Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
WordPress theme page

If you want a premium theme you’ll simply go to the premium theme’s website
and you would have to download the theme from there and then upload it separately.

For this we’re simply going to use the repository and we’ll look for a theme that we want.

go to the add a theme area and you can search for it. For example I know
that for this tutorial I want to install the Jevelin.

Its just a very clean theme and I like the way that it looks.

So I’m going to install this and once it’s installed you’ll also want to make sure
that you go ahead and activate it and then once we activate it,

it will become our default theme. Great,
now I can go to my site on the front end. 

Let you refresh so that you see

this is what it looks like, and this already looks like what I’m envisioning my
blog to look like so let’s just go in and we’ll make some changes.

5. Customize your WordPress theme

Now you need to customize your WordPress theme to make it user friendly. First go to Appearance >> theme.

Customize your WordPress theme, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
Customize your WordPress theme

There are different ways to edit different themes. You can do this according to your theme.

Mostly asked:-Do You Need to Customize Your Theme?

Sometimes you do not need to customize your theme, you will get a lot of plugins with the help of which you can easily customize your theme. 

6. Add necessary pages

Add page, a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
Add pages to your website

I highly recommend that you should add static pages to the blog, such as About Us, Contacts, Home Page, and more

This is very important for our website ranking factor or Google AdSense approval.

Although  you can use its alternative instead of Adsense, but you all know that Google Adsense is a popular platform to earn make from a blog or website.

7. Add Plugins

Okay, now that we have most of the look and the feel of our site done,

let’s start looking at plugins and we’ll do a brief overview of that.

So plugins are basically like these little apps that you can add to your website that will make your site do whatever you want it to do. 

For instance you could do a contact form, you can integrate popups, you can create a forum, you can do ecommerce.

There’s almost nothing you can’t do with a plugin that’s probably already on the market.

Add plugins to WordPress blog, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
Add plugins to WordPress blog

Either free or a premium version. So, and this is where all of the plugins are stored.

You see by default there are a few that are automatically installed.

These are not activated but they are installed and you can choose
whether or not you want to use them. 

To add a new one you simply click add new and its very similar to the themes section.

Where you’ll  taken to the
plugins repository and that’s where WordPress verifies to make sure that these plugins,

do what they say they do and that there’s nothing malicious added to them
and then these are all the plugins that you can do. 

Your best bet is to know what you want your site to do and know what type of plugin you’re looking for in order to install that. 

So I’m just going to show you the process of installing one and searching for it. 

For SEO purposes, we always recommend Yoast SEO plugin and that’s this one right here. 

It simply helps you keep SEO under control, that the search engine optimization that you want to do for your site to make sure that search engines like Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Here’s how to  Submit your sitemap to Google search console

So let’s know about the top 5 WordPress plugings including best SEO plugins:-

#1 Yoast SEO plugin

Since 2008 Yoast SEO has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in (Google or bing) search engines. 

This WordPress SEO plugin helps you with your SEO (search engine optimization). 

Are you not entirely convinced? Yoast SEO is the favorite WordPress SEO plugin of millions of users worldwide!

As Yoast’s mission is SEO for Everyone, the plugin’s users range from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet.

#2 Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. 

The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

#3 Classic Editor

Classic Editor is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team that restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” screen.

It’s makes it possible to use plugins that extend that screen, add old-style meta boxes, or otherwise depend on the previous editor.

#4 WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce solution built on WordPress

Whether you’re launching a business, taking an existing brick and mortar store online, or designing sites for clients you can get started quickly and build exactly the store you want.

#5 Wp Super cache

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog.

After html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

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    8. Create your first blog post

    So let’s quickly go through all the things that you’ve done.
    First, we got hosting, we set up a domain name,

    then we installed WordPress, we got a theme for our site,

    we set up the different pages including the contact form
    for our contact page, we added plugins,
    Now….. we’ll write our first blog post.  Go to “posts” & “Add New post“.

    Create your first blog post, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
    Create your first blog post

    Next, you will head to the editor, where you can start writing your first blog post.

    Create your first blog post, Start a blog (beginner to advance guide), blogging, beginner guide to start a blog
    Create post on WordPress blog

    While writing the post, keep in mind that the post should be SEO friendly. To make the post SEO friendly you should use plugins like Yoast SEO plugin. which I have mentioned above as well as.


    As you can see how simple it is to start a blog. Now you can work on it and make money.

    keep at it, and congratulations, thanks for tuning in.

    Turning your blog or website into a profitable money-making business requires a smarter approach, SEO mastery, Content creation, consistency, and hard work.

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