30 Best Backlink Checker Tools (Free and Paid) – 2020

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Whether you promote with links or not, you see exactly what link your competitors have, analyze, and delve into. It is impossible to imagine the work of a SEO specialist and Internet marketer without this. There is supply and demand, there are various tools that allow you to analyze the link mass, study competitors’ strategies, and find interesting techniques.

What you can do with backlink analysis tools:

  • analyze competitors in terms of SEO and marketing;
  • set up monitoring of backlinks of your site (the webmaster’s panel does not always show accurate data);
  • study the strategies of competitors;
  • do a niche analysis and make an informed decision.

This article will look at various link checking tools:

  • the most popular;
  • to analyze internal links;
  • browser extensions;
  • for batch domain assessment;
  • others.


Must – Have Tools for Analyzing Backlinks

Here’s is top 7 Backlink Checker Tools (Free and Paid).

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular Backlink Checker. Allows you to analyze:

  • the number and quality of backlinks;
  • the dynamics of the development of the link profile since the creation of the site;
  • anchor sheet;
  • quality of referring pages and domains.

A must-have tool for an SEO specialist working with Western markets, it is also highly recommended for work on the Internet.

reference tools

The cost of the standard monthly plan is $ 179.

2. Majestic

The functionality is very similar to Ahrefs. The service also provides detailed data on the dynamics of link profile development and the quality of backlinks. The difference between Majestic and Ahrefs in terms of linking is very minor, and it’s a matter of habit which service you choose to use.

reference tools

The monthly plan costs $ 149.99.

3. Linkpad

A popular tool for working with Russian-language sites. It checks for free , but for young sites it may have late or incomplete data. Good for superficial analysis, but for professional work you need Ahrefs or Majestic.

Linkpad Backlink checker tool

4. Moz Open Site Explorer

An English-language link checking tool. It is extremely popular in the western market because of the person of its founder, Rand Fishkin, and his blog, which has turned into a moz.com community.

A lot of people buy a subscription to the service in tribute to Rand for the development of the community. In the CIS, very few specialists use their brains, mostly just to watch DA (Domain Authority). The service’s link analysis unit is inferior to Ahrefs and Majestic in terms of completeness and usability.

reference tools

The monthly subscription is $ 149.

5. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is perfectly designed specifically to check backlinks data. It’s a tool by Mangools, so you’ll need a Mangools account in order to use linkminer.

As with other tools, LinkMiner lets you filter links by nofollow, deleted, new, and lost same as Ahrefs and Moz popular Backlink Checker.

One handy feature you’ll want to try is the ability to ‘favorite’ backlinks, so you can come back to them easily. This could be a great way to make a shortlist of competitor’s backlinks to target.

You could also use this feature to keep track of any of your own backlinks that you want to fix. For instance, you could create a list of lost backlinks that you want to concentrate on recovering.

The favorites list in LinkMiner

While LinkMiner isn’t as fully featured as SEMRush, Ahrefs and Moz. it is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

You’ll likely want to use it in conjunction with Mangools’ SiteProfiler to view details like a site’s total backlinks and top referring domains.

6. Ubersuggest Backlink Checker Tool by Neil Patel

Backlink Checker Tool, ubersuggest Backlink Checker Tool by Neil Patel

Ubersuggest is a great Backlink checker tool from Neil Patel. The principle apparatus offers catchphrase research highlights, but at the same time there’s a Backlinks instrument that you can use to see subtleties of your site’s backlinks.

Ubersuggest has comparative highlights to different apparatuses we’ve been taking a gander at. For example, it can show you new backlinks, backlinks you’ve lost, which backlinks are set apart as nofollow, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You can utilize the free form to see this data, yet you’ll just get subtleties of few backlinks for every area. You have to move up to the paid variant of Ubersuggest in the event that you need everything.

Ubersuggest’s different tools can dissect traffic, and assist you with thinking of watchword and substance thoughts.

Ubersuggest’s free form can give you a decent feeling of what the apparatus can do. To do any genuine backlink investigation, you’ll need the Pro form which costs $29/month, or $290/year in the event that you pay forthright.

There’s a 30-day “no inquiries posed” unconditional promise.

7. Serpstat.com

Uses Majestic linkbase. A handy tool that allows you to get information about new and lost backlinks, to track your competitors.

The platform’s link block is new and so far inferior to Ahrefs and Majestic. But if you already have a subscription to serpstat, then its functionality may be quite enough for you for analysis.

reference tools

Both personal and business plans are available. The most popular personal plan costs $ 149 per month.

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Internal link analysis

8. Google Analytics

The most powerful analytics service from Google, which is rarely seen as a tool for evaluating links.

Using Google analytics, you can evaluate the quality of the link building campaign, content marketing and build a plan for further work. What can be assessed:

  • the number of clicks on links;
  • the quality of the audience that came through the links (number of views, time on the site);
  • the relevance of the posted material (look at the indicators of engagement and returns).

Naturally, you can only analyze projects that belong to you via Google Analytics.

Total referral traffic:

reference tools

In the context of a separate source:

reference tools

9. Google Search Console

The official Google tool for webmasters, which, among other things, allows you to check backlinks to your site.

The big disadvantage is that Google may not provide a complete list of links it knows about and uses to rank a site:

Backlink Checker Tools

Detailed list:

Analysing Backlinks on Google search console, Backlink Checker Tools

therefore, it is very important to analyze your site also through achrefs and majestic.

10. Webmaster Yandex

A special service for webmasters from Yandex. Has an up-to-date index of backlinks, but awkward filtering. The advantage of the tool is the ability to download the data and continue working with it in Excel.

It is worth noting and thanking the Yandex team for the fact that a lot of updates for the better have appeared in Yandex.webmaster over the past year.

Webmaster yandex Backlink Checker Tool, Backlink Checker Tools

11. Xenu

A free program, one of the most popular desktop crawlers among seo specialists around the world. Allows you to analyze the pages of the site:

  • for dead links
  • page server response status;
  • analyze redirects;
  • canonicals;
  • find pages without meta tags
  • see duplicate pages
  • etc.

Suitable for checking large sites when it is impossible to install plugins due to excessive load on the hosting.

reference tools

12. HeadMasterSEO

HeadMasterSEO is a URL validation tool that allows you to check if each URL is redirecting to the correct final URL. To do this, download a list of URLs and a list of rules for matching them.

Allows you to import and validate URLs from text files, CSV files, XML Sitemaps, clipboard, or manually entered. By default HeadMasterSEO stores all results in memory.

You can check 2 to 6 million URLs at the same time on computers with 4 GB and 8 GB RAM.

reference tools

Up to 500 URLs can be checked for free. The license fee for checking 100,000 URLs is $ 99.

13. Check My Links

Link checking tool designed for Chrome browser. Allows you to identify broken links on every web page. Has weak functionality, but allows you to check links for free . In general, it copes completely with its task of finding broken links in manual mode.

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14. RDS Bar

An extension for browsers designed for quick analysis of site and page performance. RDS Bar is already a legendary tool of almost every specialist in the CIS. After installation, it is embedded in your browser as an additional toolbar. We recommend that you configure it for yourself after installation, since by default it behaves quite aggressively 🙂

reference tools

14. Webmaster SAPE (Vinka plugin)

If you are working with sape then this is a must-have tool.

Additional Firefox toolbar, which contains a set of functions to empower webmasters when buying links.

The essence of the plugin is that it allows you to set up batch work with sape and semi-automate a large number of routine processes.

reference tools

16. ShareMetric

A browser extension that loads the number of social media shares, the number of backlinks to a specific page.

If you constantly need to analyze the social reactions of a particular page, then it is quite convenient.

reference tools

17. Linkbird

The platform is designed for content marketing, but it also allows you to optimize the link building process:

  • find thematic sites to get high quality backlinks;
  • track competitors’ backlinks;
  • automatically evaluate the site for backlinks.

A convenient feature of the platform is sending results and news by email.

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18. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is also known as “Frog” among CIS webmasters. One of the most popular crawlers that allows you to crawl your site. The number of pages that you can analyze is limited only by the power of your computer. The main differences are:

  • fast multi-threaded, flexible site crawling;
  • batch analysis of various parameters, from meta tags to canonicals and other technical parameters;
  • connectivity to Google Analytics and Search Console, which allows you to retrieve user data.

Compared to other desktop programs, it is also suitable for Mac owners, which is rare among seo tools

reference tools

The cost of the annual license is 149 pounds, which is fully in line with the market value.

19. Netpeak Spider

The functionality is very similar to the Screaming Frog. We will not repeat ourselves. So far, it is only available for Windows, but a crawler is expected to be released for Mac OS and Linux in the near future.

reference tools

The annual license will cost $ 117.60.

20. Netpeak Checker

Multifunctional tool for mass analysis and comparison of domains for any SEO parameters. If you have a need for constant batch analysis of domains, then Netpeak Checker has everything to enter your gentleman’s set of seo-specialist.

reference tools

The cost of an annual license is slightly more expensive compared to Netpeak Spider and is $ 159.60.

Batch url analysis

21. Сognitiveseo.com

A comprehensive link analysis platform. Key features of the tool:

  • identification of new / lost links;
  • analysis of competitors’ strategies;
  • analysis of the site development trend;
  • search for broken links.

A useful feature of the tool is setting up email notifications about link profile changes.

reference tools
reference tools

The most popular monthly rate is $ 99.

22. Urlprofiler.com

The tool was developed by only 2 people, but at the same time it is able to cope with batch analysis of a large number of links. Powered by Ahrefs, Majestic and Moz. Allows you to extract data from them, combining them into one table.

Suitable for both Windows and Mac OS X.

reference tools

The monthly PRO subscription is relatively low at £ 19.95.

Others Best Backlink Checker Tools

23. LinkPatrol

LinkPatrol is a WordPress plugin that allows you to clean up your link profile. Performs immediate removal of spam links, checks newly added links and keywords, and allows you to recover mistakenly deleted links.

reference tools

The plan for testing 5 sites with annual support is $ 100. The payment is made only once.

24. Kerboo

Kerboo is a data analytics and workflow platform designed for marketers. There are five main modules in the Kerboo Suite, but essentially the tool allows you to validate, maintain and grow your link profile in a natural way. The platform is designed for teams working on the same account, making it easy to manage your link profile without duplicating work.

It pulls data from multiple sources such as Majestic, Ahrefs and Google Webmaster Tools and creates a complete working list of links for analysis.

Kerboo can also be used as a tool to analyze your competitors’ link profile.

reference tools

The monthly subscription is £ 249. Moreover, it is designed for 3 users and allows you to analyze 25 projects at once.

25. Link Research Tools

A comprehensive link analysis platform. Allows you to identify new links, recover deleted ones, and also protects your site from the appearance of broken links.

reference tools

The minimum monthly rate is € 299.

26. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a backlink analysis tool. Powered by Majestic and Moz. Main functions: monitoring new / lost links, counting the number of external links, checking the status of backlinks. Linking to your Google Analytics account allows you to receive notifications about changes in the link mass of your site.

reference tools

The most popular monthly plan is fairly cheap at $ 47.41.

27. Open Link Profiler

Allows you to analyze the link profile of any site:

  • find out the number of backlinks and referring sites;
  • find out the pages with the most links;
  • what words are used to refer to pages;
  • when the link was posted.

Provides less detailed analysis than Monitor Backlinks, but checks for free.

reference tools

28. WebMeUp

A tool for analyzing a site for external links. Allows you to calculate broken links that threaten your site. Shows only unique backlinks, which saves you time by eliminating the need to check for duplicates. There are 3 plans available: free, standard and expert.

reference tools

The standard monthly plan costs $ 59.

29. Market Samurai

A desktop program designed to check keywords, which also allows you to analyze the link mass of a site according to various criteria and detect problem links.

reference tools

30. DeepCrawl

A tool that allows you to analyze the site as detailed as possible. The program provides information on:

  • the number of external and internal links;
  • links on social networks;
  • weight indicators;
  • the number of H1 tags present on each page;
  • etc.

The results obtained are presented in the form of convenient graphs and diagrams.

reference tools
reference tools

The most popular monthly plan costs $ 499.

How much money does a webmaster spend on linking services per year?

We have calculated the average amount a webmaster spends on using link checking tools per year. It was taken into account that:

  • choose either Ahrefs ($ 179 monthly plan) or Majestic ($ 149.99 monthly plan), since these tools have similar functionality and perfectly interchange each other;
  • be sure to use tools to detect broken links
  • at least one desktop program is installed (we chose Screaming Frog – $195 per year).

Conclusion – Which is The Best Backlink Checker Tool?

Any of these backlink checkers tools could help you build your site’s backlinks and rank more highly in top search engines. Some of them offer a lot more helpful information than others.

Our top recommendation is Ahrefs. It is one of the best SEO tool on the market and helps you grow your business.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, LinkMiner and Ubersuggest are good value. Or other hand you can use free backlink checker tools like Ahrefs.

I hope this article helped you learn about the best backlink checker tools. You might also like to take a look at our ultimate guide to Off-SEO for beginners and our tips on how to increase your blog traffic.

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