140+ Best SEO Tools for Bloggers and Marketers [Free and Paid]

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Are you good at SEO? Or just starting to delve into all these principles of website promotion in search engines?

In both cases, you understand that SEO is a complex process that requires the use of additional tools. But what exactly to use and for what?

Brian Dean is one of the best SEO-specialists in the world, the founder of a large company Backlinko. Brian made a powerful selection of SEO tools, which I am happy to share with you. Read the list below carefully. Here are the most relevant tools that will help you promote your site in the TOP search engines.

All of the list below is applicable for all Marketers and Bloggers. The exception is the selection of English-language journalists and services for communication of Western entrepreneurs. I specifically left these Tools, who wants to become master in SEO or SEO tools.

Let’s know about these Best SEO tools for Bloggers and Marketers including link building, keyword analysis, rank tracking, content optimization & backlink analysis tools, which help to grow your business in Google.

Table of Contents

Link Building Tools

Here are 80+ link building tools described to learn better Link building.

1. AuthoritySpy


Website: http://authorityspy.com/

It will help you find the most significant entrepreneurs in your niche. Data is taken into account in various social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can create a list of authoritative resources for building link mass.

2. BuzzStream


Website: http://buzzstream.com/

A tool is needed if you work with a large girth. Naturally, you need a lot of resources for cooperation. BuzzStream does the “rough work” by email, makes link building organized and quick.

3. Check My Links


Website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/check-my-links/ojkcdipcgfaekbeaelaapakgnjflfglf?hl=en-GB

This is a browser extension. In this case, for Google Chrome. Helps in one click to identify a broken link. The extension is always displayed in the upper right corner. It is enough to click on the icon, being on the desired page to get an analysis.

4. Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder


Website: http://www.brokenlinkbuilding.com/

Even installing the previous extension, you will spend a lot of time looking for broken links to build mass. And with the help of this tool you will definitely speed up the work several times. Its principle is simple. Enter the key query to get a list of pages with broken links matching the key.

Main feature: you can sort the result by the number of views, immediately selecting the most popular pages for cooperation.

5. Citation Labs’ Link Prospecto


Website: http://linkprospector.citationlabs.com/

It will allow you to find the sites you need by specific criteria, including: the presence of a blog, news feed, forum, the ability to post a guest post, and so on. In total, the service has more than 10 filters.



Website: https://dibz.me/

Allows you to find resources by the type of links you want to create. Just enter the desired type in the field, for example “backlinks”, and get a list of the most suitable results.

7. Domain Hunter Plus


Website: http://netvantagemarketing.com/about/domain-hunter-plus

The tool allows you to understand in 2 clicks whether the domain name you have chosen is free to register. A useful resource, however, finding a really cool domain is quite difficult. As a rule, most of them are busy a priori. The principle of the tool is similar to the Check My Links extension.

8. Free Broken Link Checker

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/

Checks broken links on sites. Accordingly, the tool is more useful when building broken links. Paid option gives more options.

9. GroupHigh


Website: http://www.grouphigh.com/

One of the best software to increase reach for bloggers and website owners, including corporate ones. The number of functions is huge, but at the same time, the tool is very simple. Enter a key request in the field and get a list of resources that match your key.

You can start cooperation with bloggers in your niche and, without leaving the service, track the results. This is one of the advantages of a large number of functions. Working in this format is much more convenient.

10. GuestPost Tracker


Website: https://www.guestposttracker.com/

A huge database of sites that are ready to post your guest posts on their pages. Accordingly, each of the proposed resources has a “Blog” section. You can also send your resource there and track its popularity. The main advantage is that the service accepts only high-quality sites. The so-called “sites for people.”

11. HARO

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.helpareporter.com/

Do you want to get backlinks from the most reputable sites in your niche? Which may have a millionth audience? What is needed for this? Of course, you can hire a cool PR manager or go to the right resources directly, but it takes a lot of money. Another option is to use HARO. This tool brings companies together with reputable journalists. The evaluation version allows you to understand how it works.

12. Inky Bee


Website: http://www.inkybee.com/

Another powerful tool for finding cool bloggers in your niche. The functionality is standard – just enter the key phrase in the appropriate field and get a list of selected resources.

Main feature: the tool allows you to filter the results by the weight of the domain name and the weight of the pages themselves. This speeds up the process of selecting the right resources.

13. JustReachOut

Free / Paid

Website: https://justreachout.io/

Another tool for connecting companies with journalists. Its charm is that you can find the right people by key queries. Just enter a phrase and get a list of cool specialists who have connections with powerful media. Increasing the link mass will be much easier and, most importantly, cheaper. At the same time, the quality of links is increasing.

14. Linkbird

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.linkbird.com/en/

A hybrid tool that allows you to track popular keywords, increase link mass, monitor backlinks. By the way, you receive email notifications every time the tool finds external links to your site. This is convenient if you buy a lot of links at once. And here’s is Instant approval blog commenting sites list for you.

15. LinkMiner


Website: http://pointblankseo.com/linkminer

Another helper for determining broken links on web resources. Feature and advantage – absolutely free. By the way, this is also an extension for the Google Chrome browser, which makes it even more convenient.

There is one feature that makes this tool literally a cut above the competition. This is the ability to track the number of outbound links specifically from the selected resource. That is, you can pre-calculate more or less “clean” resources and focus on cooperation with them.

16. Linkody


Website: https://www.linkody.com/

Notifies you when new resources link to your site. By the way, alerts also come when external links, on the contrary, disappear. You get information about new resources right inside the service.

17. Linkstant


Website: http://www.linkstant.com/

Another tool that sends an email to your mail when you receive a new backlink. This makes it possible not only to track “fresh” resources, but also to establish links with some of them. For example, if the link is placed on a site from which you did not order placement, you can write a welcome letter in the mail with gratitude and begin close cooperation.

Inside the tool there is also the ability to monitor the reputation of individual sites. Some of them can negatively affect your resource by placing a link.

18. Marie Haynes’ Disavow Blacklist


Website: https://www.mariehaynes.com/blacklist/

You understand that external links can both improve the state of your site and ruin its reputation? The Mary Haines tool will allow you to blacklist resources that harm you by posting links on their sites. It can be different spam pages and so on. Very useful tool + free.

19. Muck Rack


Website: http://muckrack.com/

And another huge catalog with reputable journalists who are ready to communicate with you and your company. Getting backlinks from cool news and information sites with their help will be much easier. Be sure to use the service if the subject and language of your resource allow you to do this.

In total, the catalog contains employees of more than 500 cool media. The latest activities of journalists on social networks are taken into account. The tool allows you to quickly contact any selected person.

20. Ninja Outreach


Website: http://ninjaoutreach.com/

Need to quickly find popular bloggers and just personalities in your niche for collaboration? Then this tool is for you. You can track these people and also contact them directly inside the tool.

21. Ontolo

Free / Paid

Website: http://ontolo.com/

Want to get the most information about the possibilities of placing links on different resources? Then Ontolo is what you need. Enter a key phrase in the search box, specify a filter by type of links and get a complete list of options for placement. In addition, only the highest quality resources that will definitely be useful to you are taken into account.

22. Outreachr


Website: http://www.outreachr.com/

A standard tool for selecting resources suitable for publishing backlinks. It’s very easy to gain link mass using such programs. In addition, the process is greatly accelerated. To find the right sites, simply type in the key phrases related to your niche. Be careful here, as the keys must exactly match your request. Otherwise, there is a risk of choosing the wrong sites.

23. Pitchbox


Website: http://pitchbox.com/

The main advantage of the service is ease of use. You are prompted to enter several key phrases into the line at once in order to accurately hit the target when searching. As a result, you will see the most suitable sites for cooperation. Here you can see the technical description, take contacts and monitor the effectiveness of the placement.

24. Quick URL Opener


Website: http://quickurlopener.com/

If you are seriously engaged in SEO-promotion and actively increase the link mass on the pages of your site, then this tool will definitely come in handy. With it, you can track the exact number of links to your resource from third-party sites, find out the sites themselves, and so on. The functionality is as simple as possible, at the same time it is one of the best free tools for this purpose.

25. Remove’em


Website: http://www.removeem.com/

A tool with which you can restore the damaged reputation of your site in search engines. How can you spoil your reputation? For example, if you posted links to questionable resources, search engines definitely won’t take them well. Using this software, you can track which links are substandard and delete them right away.

26. Rmoov

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.rmoov.com/index.php

Similar to the previous tool. Among the additional advantages are the ability to contact the owner of a dubious site, automatically remove bad links, and so on. There is free access. Thanks to this, you can try the program before buying.

27. ScrapeBox


Website: http://www.scrapebox.com/

This program is called by many SEO-specialists “Swiss site optimization knife”. Here there are almost all the functions that specialists may need – from selecting resources for backlinks to a full analysis of key phrases. The service is simple and intuitive, which makes it popular.

28. Siege Media Embed Code Generator


Website: http://www.siegemedia.com/embed-code-generator

Simple software will quickly generate a code for you to insert, for example, infographics. The flexibility of settings allows you to choose even the size of the container. The program is absolutely free and very useful.

29. Similar Content Prospecting Tool (SkyRocket)


Website: https://skyrocket.digital/similar-content-prospecting-tool/

The tool selects for you a list of 100+ pages related to your material on the subject. Potentially, you can place links to your resource on them.

30. YourOutreach

Free / Paid

Website: http://youroutreach.com/

Allows you to build a lot of backlinks on authoritative resources on the topic, without wasting time. It is also possible to publish links in social networks. You can get acquainted with the service for free.

31. All in One SEO Pack

Free / Paid

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

A WordPress plugin that has long held a leading position. Later, Yoast appeared on the market, which slightly shook the popularity of this tool. With the new update, All in One SEO Pack has all the features to return to the top again. The plugin helps you optimize the page for promotion in social networks.

32. Bing Webmaster Tools


Website: http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster

Nevertheless, this development cannot be ignored. Of course, the Google Search Console is much more appropriate to use for Ukraine. But specifically, this tool has one main feature – excellent keyword analysis, which is shown in the image.

33. Botify


Website: https://www.botify.com/

A complete set of functions for a detailed analysis of your site. It is possible to check the loading speed of each page, search for broken links and measure page weight. The only negative is the paid tool. All these functions can be found separately in free access.

34. Bright Local


Website: https://www.brightlocal.com/

Another tool for a complete local audit of a site in terms of SEO optimization. It is also useful if you want to check for copies of your materials on the Internet. It will also make sure that the content remains unique if you transfer the site to a new domain.

35. Browseo


Website: http://www.browseo.net/

In some ways, a unique tool. Free but helpful. Let’s understand how search networks see your site. Be sure to check your resource. You may be surprised, but the robots do not always take into account the parts of the web resource that we would like. You will get an understanding of what else to optimize.

36. Clusteric


Website: http://clusteric.com/

Not the most convenient, however quite popular software. It has many useful functions, including the ability to analyze your resource, competitors, and so on.

37. DareBoost

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.dareboost.com/en/home

With this tool you can greatly improve the behavioral factor, which, of course, will positively affect the position of the site in search engines. There is also a function for analyzing the loading speed of individual pages. Moreover, the software will tell you how to improve this indicator and what specifically needs to be fixed.

38. DeepCrawl


Website: https://www.deepcrawl.com/

A tool for you if you want to analyze the site in as much detail as possible. The program literally combs every page and gives you a large amount of information. Up to how many H1 tags are present on each page, the number of external and internal links, weight indicators, links on social networks and so on. There are also convenient graphs and diagrams for a better perception of information.

39. EasyRedir


Website: https://www.easyredir.com/

Have you changed the domain name of the site? Or do you want people to automatically get to the new address from an old idle page? Then urgently use this tool. Just enter the URLs of the pages from which and to which you want to redirect traffic. Next, the program will do everything on its own. And 100% of users will be redirected to the desired address.

40. Forecheck


Website: http://www.forecheck.com/

A paid tool will analyze every corner of your site and give a clear understanding of what prevents you from getting to the first page of Google’s organic search results. After the analysis, you will find out specifically what needs to be added or changed in order to improve positions and get into the TOP.

41. Google Analytics


Website: http://www.google.com/analytics/

If you are engaged in SEO, then you should definitely use the capabilities of this free assistant. Go to “Acquisition” -> ”Search Console” -> Pages. Look at page conversions. Pay attention to those options where this indicator is the highest. Think about ways to improve pages with the least amount of organic clicks from Google and so on.

Also, the tool is used to improve landing pages if you drive organic traffic from search engines to them. Of course, conversion can also be tracked with contextual advertising. However, this analytics service provides a ton of opportunities for free.

42. Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer


Website: https://www.adwordsrobot.com/en/tools/ga-referrer-spam-killer

To use, you must necessarily link your account to your analytics on Google. The tool is a filter for your site that does not allow links from spam resources. The site remains clean, and Google Analytics provides the most accurate data.

43. Google Mobile-Friendly Test


Website: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Since 2017, Google began lowering the pages of sites that are not adapted for mobile platforms. This is logical, given that more than half of all traffic is recorded precisely from tablets and smartphones. With this free tool, you can find out how Google “relates” to your site. Of course, you only need to check if you have an active adaptive version.

44. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights


Website: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

You know that today Google attaches great importance and attention to how much time it takes to load individual pages on your site. In addition, the behavioral factor strongly depends on this indicator. On average, users close pages that load for more than 3 seconds.

The service will allow you to analyze the loading speed of the selected page, as well as “tell” how to improve the rate. You can separately analyze the mobile and desktop versions.

45. Google Search Console


Website: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en

You can get most of the data useful for SEO optimization directly from Google. This tool has information about how many indexed pages are on your site, all meta-data, information about the security of the resource, and so on.

46. ​​Google XML Sitemaps

Free / Paid

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/

A separate WordPress plugin from Google that will create an XML map of your site. This will speed up and facilitate the process of indexing your pages with search engines. The map can be conveniently hidden in the basement of the pages. And if you don’t know how to add sitemap to Google Search Console, You can read this 5 Simple Steps to add sitemap to Google Search Console.

Attention! You do not need this tool if you use Yoast SEO. The plugin automatically creates a map. And it’s absolutely free. You can read top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress.

47. GTmetrix


Website: https://gtmetrix.com/

To check the loading speed of your site, Google PageSpeed ​​Insights directly analyzes the code. That is, in fact, it can make mistakes, albeit minimal ones. The same tool really loads the site physically.

Personally, I recommend using it for such an analysis. It provides the most accurate data, and also tells how you can optimize each page to reduce load time. Like the version from Google, this service is absolutely free.

48. HeadMasterSEO

Free / Paid

Website: https://headmasterseo.com/

Do you want to check if redirects are configured correctly on your site? Or maybe you doubt that the robots.txt file is configured correctly?

To analyze all this information on a large resource, you need to spend a lot of time. This tool will show you results much faster with a large number of addresses. There is a possibility of free use and testing of software.

49. Hreflang Tags Generator Tool


Website: http://www.aleydasolis.com/en/international-seo-tools/hreflang-tags-generator/

Do you have problems creating meta tags? Then be sure to use this free tool to ease your task.

50. Kill Duplicate


Website: https://www.killduplicate.com/en

You have a popular blog and there are always bad people stealing your content? Sometimes this can really hurt your site and its positions for individual key phrases. “Duplicate Killer” is fully consistent with its name. If you are just starting to promote the site, you can do without this tool. But if your audience exceeds 1000 people a day, it is better to use it to be calmer.

51. LinkPatrol


Website: https://linkpatrolwp.com/

The tool helps to track all external links on your resource. You can also delete all NoFollow addresses in just a few clicks. This is a WordPress plugin that will greatly facilitate the work if your resource is more than 2-3 years old. The plugin is paid, but fully justifies its means.

52. Lipperhey

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.lipperhey.com/en/

Standard service for SEO analysis of the entire site and individual pages. It works quickly and properly, so you can use it for basic verification of content.

53. Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator


Website: http://ipullrank.com/tools/map-broker/

This tool is an additional guarantee that all pages of your site are working properly, and the XML-card contains only valid addresses. It is recommended that you use this free tool regularly.

54. Microdata Generator


Website: http://microdatagenerator.org/

The service helps to promote the site in search networks at a local level. This is useful for physical businesses tied to a specific city. You can enter a specific address and phone number in order to narrow the audience as much as possible and improve the delivery only for the right people.

55. OnCrawl


Website: http://www.oncrawl.com/

In principle, a standard tool for auditing a web resource, but with advanced functionality. The software provides complete information on the optimization of each page, the effectiveness of meta tags and so on. But at the same time, you can analyze the content, page depth, and even site load time. The price of the program corresponds to wide functionality.

56. Open SEO Stats


Website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-seo-statsformerly-pa/hbdkkfheckcdppiaiabobmennhijkknn

An indispensable plug-in for Google Chrome, which will help you get basic information on both your site and competitor sites. So, you can see the Alexa-rating, the speed of loading pages on whom the domain is registered, key phrases, meta tags and more. There is also information on indexing pages by search networks. The extension is completely free.

57. Panguin Tool


Website: http://www.barracuda-digital.co.uk/panguin-tool/

Experienced webmasters, SEO-movers and just website owners know that sooner or later Google may send an unexpected ban and “punishment” for a resource without seemingly good reasons. This free tool will help you determine exactly what the reason is and quickly resolve the issue. With the help of graphs, you can also trace what caused a sharp drop in traffic on the entire site and individual pages.

58. Plugin SEO


Website: https://www.pluginseo.com/

Quick analysis of the page of your site at the specified URL. There is all the necessary information on images, meta tags, headings, key phrases, etc.

59. Raven Tools


Website: http://raventools.com/

Perhaps one of the most serious tools, which often falls into the arsenal of the most experienced marketers and SEO-specialists. The program gives the most accurate analysis of the site, and also shows the specific elements that need to be changed in order to improve the position of the resource in search networks. This makes software stand out from the competition. The price, by the way, is fully consistent with the functionality.

60. Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool


Website: https://loganix.net/rst-lander/

Are you tired of the fact that different links from spam pages spoil your site’s reputation on Google? This simple, free tool will automatically install filters on your site that will “hide” these links from Google Analytics and improve the reputation of the entire site.

61. Rel Nofollow Checkbox


Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rel-nofollow-checkbox/

Do you want external links from your site not to be indexed by search engines? With this WordPress plugin, you can easily close them with the NoFollow index.

62. Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyzer

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/log-file-analyser/

Most of the tools on this list work on approximately the same principle. They index individual site URLs and provide information + recommendations for improvement. The same service takes into account only log files, so you know how exactly search engine robots interact with your pages and how often. This is useful if you are launching a large project with thousands of pages.

63. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/

This is perhaps one of the first technical tools for SEO-optimization of sites, which is still very popular. Quickly finds problems in your resource, because of which it can’t get into the top search engine results. Basically, the free version is enough to effectively fix bugs. But if you are professionally engaged in SEO, it is better to use the full.

64. Search Analytics for Sheets


Website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-analytics-for-shee/ieciiohbljgdndgfhgmdjhjgganlbncj

The Google Search Console is a service that is hard to overestimate. But there is one huge minus in it – you can’t track data three months ago. The maximum period is 90 days. This free tool will fix the problem. Just add data to the spreadsheet and sync it with the Google Search Console.

65. SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)


Website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seo-website-analysis/hlngmmdolgbdnnimbmblfhhndibdipaf?hl=en

Do you understand that you do not need sophisticated tools for SEO optimization and enough basic data to work effectively? Then use this free extension.

In one click on the right side of the Google Chrome browser, the extension will conduct an instant SEO analysis of the site you are on and display all the basic data. Plus, in the desktop version of the browser, you can find out how well the site is adapted for mobile platforms and what should be improved in terms of SEO optimization.

This is a free feature that you can use for your own site. But it is also a great tool for spying on competitors. Just think: in one click you get all the information on SEO on any page of any site. Given that we are talking about a free extension, I think you definitely need to install it.

66. SEO Friendly Images

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.prelovac.com/vladimir/wordpress-plugins/seo-friendly-images/

You started to optimize the site incorrectly, and now you have thousands of pictures without a registered ALT tag? Well, you can write key phrases for each picture manually … Or use this tool.

This WordPress plugin automatically converts the title of each image to alternate text. Of course, for this, you first need to spell the names of the pictures themselves correctly. For example, you uploaded a picture to an article and named it “seotools.png”. This plugin will automatically change ALT to “SEO Tools”.

67. SEO Monitor


Website: http://seomonitor.com/

The tool takes into account the data of Google Analytics, analyzes the most effective key phrases for your resource and displays the information in a graph. You can focus precisely on these phrases in order to make the promotion as effective as possible.

And this is just one of the functions of the tool. There are also all standard types of SEO-analysis of the site.

68. SEO Site Checkup


Website: http://seositecheckup.com/

It will show you how to speed up the loading of individual pages of the site, which resources link to yours, which backlinks are most effective and so on. The tool is indispensable for large SEO-specialists and marketing agencies working with a large number of customers.

69. SEO-Browser

Free / Paid

Website: http://seo-browser.com/

An elementary service that allows you to look at any site through the eyes of a search engine and improve individual page elements to speed up indexing.

70. Seobility

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.seobility.net/en/

A standard analyzer that has one distinctive and most useful function.

You know that pages that are 5 or more clicks away from the homepage are poorly indexed. Sometimes search bots do not see these materials at all. One option remains – to move these pages closer to home. Using the tool, you can get a list of pages that are as distant as possible and make a difference.

71. Seomator


Website: https://seomator.com/

Another auditor who gives the most accurate information on SEO-optimization of the resource, including the uniqueness of the content, the number of duplicates, data on backlinks and more.

72. SERPmetrics


Website: http://serpmetrics.com/flux/

Sometimes traffic drops on individual sites due to bans from Google or simply poor optimization. But it happens that the number of visits on all resources decreases. You can verify this with SERPmetrics.

73. Simple Htaccess Redirects and Rewrite Generator


Website: http://www.aleydasolis.com/htaccess-redirects-generator/

Agree, page redirection is one of the most complicated and complicated processes in SEO-optimization. But with these free tools, making the right call forwarding becomes much easier. Just enter the desired addresses in the special fields of the program.

74. Site Analyzer


Website: https://www.site-analyzer.com/

An expensive tool. About $ 10 is an analysis of 100 pages of any site. But many experts say that the analyzer fully justifies the means, as it gives the full amount of the necessary information. And it helps to quickly improve the optimization of individual pages.

75. Site Condor


Website: https://www.sitecondor.com/

Gives the most deep and detailed SEO-analysis of the site with literally any number of pages. If your resource has problems due to an incorrectly registered H1 tag, a broken link or a low download speed, the tool will quickly indicate a specific reason.

There is also a “View Recommendations” section that will allow you to eliminate the cause. The program gives effective advice on how to solve a prevailing issue.

76. Siteliner

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.siteliner.com/

Your site is many years old and is it likely that the content is starting to duplicate? This tool will quickly analyze each page by keywords and show if you have published similar materials.

77. Topvisor

Free / Paid

Website: https://topvisor.com/

A very useful tool, but only for professionals. Firstly, it makes sense to use it only when you are dealing with several projects at once. Secondly, the tool has a rather complicated interface, so it takes time to fully learn. You can try it in the free version and switch to full functionality at any time if the program suits you.

78. Varvy SEO Tool


Website: https://varvy.com/tools/

One of the easiest and fastest services. As in many other options, here you only need to enter the website URL to get the maximum technical information on SEO optimization. There is also additional data on links to your site from social networks and other resources.

79. Webbee SEO Spider Tool


Website: https://www.eebew.com/spider/

The program provides a lot of technical information like Screaming Frog services. But there is much more data here, given that the  Webbee SEO Spider Tool offers additional graphics and filters. Accordingly, it is much more convenient to use it, despite the fact that the developers made the software free. It is recommended to use the tool in conjunction with other services in order to obtain the most accurate data.

80. Website Penalty Indicator


Website: http://feinternational.com/website-penalty-indicator/

Got another ban from Google? This indicator will build a schedule for you with fines with specific dates and make it clear what was the reason, how much traffic fell and so on. The advantage of the tool is that it is absolutely free.

81. Whitespark


Website: http://www.whitespark.ca/

The tool is especially relevant if you are professionally engaged in SEO-optimization and promote projects of your clients. With its help, you can collect and convert more than 100 keywords on a specific topic within a few minutes.

Software can be synchronized with Google Analytics. Thus, you track what works well, what works badly, improve results and place bets on the necessary tools.

82. Woorank


Website: https://www.woorank.com/

Do you need to know something about optimizing your resource? This tool, like other paid analogues in principle, will give you all the information you need.

83. Yoast SEO Plugin

Free / Paid

Website: https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/

Today, Yoast SEO is the # 1 plugin for optimizing sites around the world. And the reason is obvious – it really works and gives a cool result.

With its help, you can easily enter all the meta data, analyze individual pages, the entire site or articles. Literally in a few clicks, work on duplicated pages takes place. Most WordPress website owners claim that this particular plugin is the best optimization solution.

84. Zadroweb SEO Auditor


Website: https://zadroweb.com/seo-auditor/

A free but very useful auditor for your site. It will show the page loading speed, Google Page Rank, the weight of individual pages, the entire domain, etc.

Keyword Analysis Tools

Here are 30+ keyword Analysis Tools listed to powerful keyword research.

86. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator


Website: http://seo.danzambonini.com/#

Are you looking for new keywords, but you think you have already exhausted all possible ideas? Then try one very simple exercise: take the words you have and combine them together. Seriously.

This method works great, but you need to know what and with what to combine to get adequate phrases. The program from Dan Zambonini will facilitate your task and save a lot of time.

87. Answer The Public


Website: http://answerthepublic.com/

Here you just need to enter the beginning of the sentence to get many options for continuing on your topic. These, in fact, will be key phrases that you can use to promote the resource. The principle of the service is elementary, but, as practice shows, this method of searching for key queries is still relevant for different niches.

88. FAQfox


Website: http://faqfox.com/

The program will select sites where keywords are suitable for promoting your site. You can select individual categories of resources or immediately specify the addresses of the pages whose keys you want to receive. The tool is in English, but intuitive, so easy to use.

89. FreshKey


Website: http://freshkey.com/

One of the most popular tools that fully justifies its value. Most of these services require a monthly payment, tariff selection, etc. FreshKey needs to be paid only once. Its cost is $ 49, which is quite reasonable. The service selects the appropriate keywords by analyzing third-party resources. At the same time, useless trading platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and so on are ignored.

90. Google Correlate


Website: http://www.google.com/trends/correlate

Free underrated tool from Google. It is located in the Trends section. You simply enter the beginning of a keyword phrase that is close to your niche. The service offers a ton of additional options for continuing this phrase. In the menu on the left you can select the country, the frequency of analysis, and more.

91. Google Keyword Planner


Website: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

Service that has become the main one for selecting keywords in the SEO marketing. Especially for Ukraine after blocking Yandex and the Wordstat service (of course, if you are not a VPN supporter).

This tool helps you analyze the effectiveness and relevance of a particular keyword that you entered. It is also possible to select additional options that have similar words. You can analyze phrases depending on the season, which is especially important for businesses selling physical goods, where seasonality plays a crucial role.

92. Google Location Changer (SERPs)


Website: https://serps.com/tools/google-search-location/

The program analyzes specific words for a specific area. Again, data from Google is taken as the basis, although the service is third-party. The tool is relevant for businesses associated with the location – for example, cafes, bars, hairdressers, physical stores and so on.

93. Google Trends


Website: https://www.google.com/trends/

Before you start promoting your chosen keyword, be sure to check it in Google Trends. It is possible that a word that you have not chosen has much greater potential, and the phrase taken, on the contrary, gradually loses its relevance.

When you enter a request, you will receive a graph of the growth in popularity of a certain phrase and you can predict where the line will go in the near future. At the very bottom of the page is the “Requests” section, where similar phrases are located. You can immediately check their relevance in the Google Keyword Planner and adopt it.

94. GrepWords


Website: http://grepwords.com/

A useful paid tool for the selection of key phrases, the bias of which is made on the seasonality of certain requests. Each request you enter is accompanied by a miniature schedule that displays its relevance at a particular time of the year. Again, you can use this information to change the principles of promotion at different times of the year. He will also help you focus on the product in the store that is as relevant as possible in a given period of time.

95. HitTail


Website: https://www.hittail.com/

Another paid service that performs well in two main tasks:

  1. Keyword analysis for which you can potentially get the most traffic from search engines.
  2. Selection of additional key phrases. And at this point, the tool performs particularly well, as it offers options that cannot be found in other tools.

96. Bulk Keyword Generator at Imforsmb.com


Website: http://www.imforsmb.com/tools/bulk-keyword-generator/

A very useful tool for those who work in a specific location. Great for promoting services. For example, if you or your client is a hairdresser, make-up artist, manicurist and so on, then this program is for you.

Just enter the main field of activity and location in the line. Further, the service will select 40 key phrases by which potential customers can search for your offers. Information from Google is taken into account.

97. iSpionage

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.ispionage.com/

The tool works in much the same way as SEMRush. Yes, it is mainly aimed at analyzing keys for SEO promotion, but it uses the same algorithms as when selecting phrases for PPC advertising (pay per click).

The service takes into account analytical data from the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo!

98. Jaaxy

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.jaaxy.com/

A simple, intuitive tool aimed mainly at creating similar phrases that are very different in meaning. The program is very useful when you run out of ideas.

99. Keyword Combiner


Website: http://web.forret.com/tools/adwords.asp

The first purpose of this tool is the selection of key phrases for creating ads in Google Adwords. But it works no less efficiently for selecting keys to SEO materials. Moreover, the service is free. Simply collect key phrases using it and upload to Google Keyword Planner for analysis. Leave the most effective options.

100. Keyword Eye

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.keywordeye.com/

Used to create identical search queries. A so-called keyword cloud is created. The more options you enter, the more phrases you get on output. The result is really collected in a visual cloud, where phrases stand out in color – depending on frequency.

101. Keyword Revealer

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.keywordrevealer.com/

An interesting tool that offers you to select keywords using graphical display. So-called branches come from the main phrase, and each high-frequency phrase forms a “tree”. By clicking on each “branch”, you see additional variations of key phrases. The more you click, the more suitable phrases you get.

102. Keyword Snatcher


Website: http://keywordsnatcher.com/

This tool will give you the largest list of keywords for a given topic. And there is a simple explanation for this – he takes into account for analysis services such as Yahoo !, Amazon and Ebay. Almost any given keyword phrase will give you more than 10,000 similar options.

The only drawback of the tool is that it does not show how many people enter these queries into search engines. That is, you have to analyze the list yourself in third-party programs. For this, again, Google Keyword Planner is great.

103. Keyword Tool Dominator


Website: http://www.keywordtooldominator.com/

Another paid option, which also collects similar key phrases from all sites on the Internet. Near the line you can select the search engine that you prefer from the drop-down list.

104. Keyworddit


Website: http://www.keyworddit.com/

An unusual key phrase picker that definitely deserves your attention. Picking up keys, he does not take into account the main part of the phrase, but offers additional options that people most often look for along with the main request you entered. This helps not only to select key phrases, but also to collect the maximum information about what may still be interesting to your target audience.

105. KeywordIn


Website: http://keywordin.com/keyword-generator.php

A convenient free tool with a simple interface that selects phrases based on the logic of your main keyword. Like most similar programs, this option does not show the popularity of the selected phrases among the audience. Additional analysis will be required.

106. Keywords Everywhere


Website: https://keywordseverywhere.com/

A simple free extension for the Google Chrome browser. By the way, there is an additional version for Mozilla Firefox. By clicking on the extension on a particular site, you will get a list of keywords for the page and an approximate amount of promotion for them. The tool is convenient when analyzing competitors.

107. KeywordSpy

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.keywordspy.com/

The name of the tool is slightly outdated. Still, the addition of a “spy” in such programs is the prerogative of the late 2000s. Nevertheless, the software is functioning properly and demonstrates excellent results. It works on the principle of SEMRush service. To get a list of keywords on which the selected site is moving, you just need to enter its domain name in the space provided. There are additional features. For example, you can enter a key phrase and get more options.

108. KeywordTool.io

Free / Paid

Website: http://keywordtool.io/

Google’s auto-complete feature is a great way to get a list of relevant keywords to promote your resource. Especially if the key selection process can be automated.

Google claims that auto-selection will be blocked for third-party services, however, this tool has found ways to get around the ban. Check it out for free. I am sure you will get an excellent result and many useful phrases.

109. KWfinder.com

Free / Paid

Website: https://kwfinder.com/

The program works on the same principle as Google Keyword Planner, but has more advanced features. Just insert a key phrase in the field and get all the information on it, including approximate bids for promotion in contextual advertising (unless, of course, you need it in this case).

110. Long Tail Pro


Website: http://www.longtailpro.com/

One of the easiest phrase selection tools. But given the fact that the service is paid, the developers made it as efficient as possible. Just enter the guide word and you will receive a huge number of additional options.

The main advantage of the program is its flexible settings and the ability to filter requests. So, you can leave only those phrases that are entered into search engines from 1000 times a month, leave only highly competitive queries and more. All this is done intuitively within a single window.

111. Power Suggest Pro


Website: http://www.powersuggestpro.com/

Another paid program for the selection of key phrases. This time, search engines are taken into account, among which primarily Google and Wikipedia. The software analyzes which phrases are similar to your indicative word, and gives you a whole list. Additional features and convenient functionality allow you to compose words that no other service will give you.

112. SECockpit


Website: http://secockpit.com/

This is definitely one of the most advanced SEO tools on the market. Yes, this is the same software that selects key phrases for a given word. But here we are not talking about a banal list with phrases where there are matches. The program gives you something more.

She specifically selects high-frequency key phrases for which there is practically no competition. This means that tons of traffic will come to you. The fact is that the tool takes into account other sites that are relevant today. For example, YouTube.

Also, the software will be useful if you are engaged in contextual advertising. Right inside you can see the cost-per-click in Google AdWords. At the bottom of the program, you can find results that Google offers as similar to your phrase. This will also be useful to you. Do not lose sight of this list.

113. Seed Keywords


Website: http://www.seedkeywords.com/

Let’s think sensibly. What does most people do when searching for key phrases? They take the results from the Google Keyword Planner, promote them and have no idea what the audience is actually looking for by entering such search queries.

This free tool allows you to find answers to these questions. Just ask your target audience what people would be looking for by entering these words. Create a script. Ask: “How would you look for a coffee shop in Miami?” or any other – and get a ton of answers.

114. SEMrush

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.semrush.com/

This is an SEO tool that many of the most advanced professionals cannot do without. Moreover, even the free version offers great opportunities for professionals. Unlike other services for competitor analysis, this program shows you only the predominant words that the selected site really relies on. Instead of torturing Google Keyword Planner every day, just enter your competitor’s address in the line and get all the information you need.

There is one more chip. The “Pages” tab will show you which particular materials of your competitor generate the most traffic for him and which key phrases are involved. Every time I suggest starting the analysis from this tab.

115. SEO Book’s Free SEO Tools


Website: http://tools.seobook.com/

On this resource you will find many useful features for optimizing the site. The “Tools” tab contains free services, but I consider Keywords to be the most useful. This tool works as simple as possible, but gives you all the information you need for the selected keyword, including the selection of additional options.

116. serpIQ


Website: https://serpiq.com/

In principle, a standard tool for searching for key phrases, but often gives options that are not in such services. The program uses a different algorithm. With the help of additional functions, you can not only select, but also analyze keywords.

117. The selection of words from Yandex


Website:  https://wordstat.yandex.com

A popular service for creating a semantic core. You can find similar key phrases for given phrases and track the frequency of queries. There is also the possibility of adjusting by location.

Rank Tracking Tools

Here are 20+ Rank Tracking Tools listed to track your website rankings.

118. Serpstat

Premium + paid

Website: http://serpstat.com

Multifunctional seo-platform for daily tracking of the positions of your own site and 50 competitor sites in the search results of Google and Yandex anywhere in the world. At the same time, the service calculates the share of traffic by groups of keywords among all competitors for a clear understanding of the market.

Also among Serpstat tools there is an analysis of backlinks, analysis of key phrases of your own project and competitors, technical audit of the site with recommendations for fixing errors. The service supports regional databases of key phrases and sites in 21 countries via Google and Yandex.

119. Advanced Web Ranking


Website: http://www.advancedwebranking.com/

A hybrid tool for rank tracking and keyword analysis. Includes some features and chips of other tools, including SEMRush. At the same time, it is absolutely unique and useful program for every specialist.

120. Agency Analytics


Website: https://agencyanalytics.com/

An analytical service that allows you to get a detailed result on the work of SEO in a few clicks. The program synchronizes with Google’s analytic tools, as well as with social networks. As a result, you get the most accurate data.

121. AMZ Tracker


Website: https://www.amztracker.com/

Recently, the business on Amazon has become popular in the SEO marketing. If you also started working with this service, then such a tool will be most useful to you. It tracks the ranking of specific positions on this site. Also inside the program you can get additional recommendations for improving the content.

122. Authority Labs


Website: http://authoritylabs.com/

Analytical tool. Paid, but very effective. The cheapest tariff involves collecting information on 250 key phrases. This is sufficient for most resources. For more data, pay attention to more expensive rates.

123. GeoRanker

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.georanker.com/

It is known that most analytical services do not allow tracking rank for localized keywords. If you need to develop SEO for a physical business, be sure to use this tool to test effectiveness. Integrates with Google Maps.

124. Microsite Masters

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.micrositemasters.com/

A simple but very useful and effective tool. In addition, there is evidence that this program provides the most accurate data. The menu displays key phrases that bring the most traffic. You can also track the position of your site for specific phrases.

125. Pro Rank Tracker

Free / Paid

Website: http://proranktracker.com/

Ideal software for tracking optimization efficiency on large resources. If you are dealing with thousands of key phrases, the tool will conveniently sort and group them according to any criteria. You can get acquainted with the service for free. For more advanced features, you need to buy the full version.

126. Rank Ranger


Website: https://www.rankranger.com/

A standard rank analyzer, the developers of which also took care of additional functions. So, you can track not only your results, but also the achievements of competitors. Of course, you always have access to their keywords, phrases, and more.

127. Rival IQ


Website: https://www.rivaliq.com/

This is another analytical service, but here the bias is made specifically for competitors. For example, you know that another company gets more links from Facebook to articles. With the help of this software you can find out if these links affect the position of the site, the rank of keywords, as well as the weight of the pages. A tool is needed if you work in highly competitive niches.

128. Search Latte


Website: http://searchlatte.com/

You know that different versions of search engines produce different results for certain queries. For example, for the same phrase, TOP-3 may include completely different resources, depending on which version of Google you are using. For example, google.com.ua or google.in, Google.ca .

Using this tool, you can track how successful your resource is for different phrases in different versions of search engines.

Content Optimization Tools

129. Bloomberry


Website: http://bloomberry.com/

What is SEO copywriting? By and large, this is the search for key phrases that the target audience is looking for, and their use in the content. This tool will tell you what you need to include in the site content in order to occupy a leading position in the right niche. It analyzes a large number of world services.

130. BuzzSumo

Free / Paid

Website: http://buzzsumo.com/

The tool quickly grew from a newcomer to the top-end service for SEO-specialists around the world. And this is not strange, given how many functions it provides to the user. You can “compete” to analyze the content of competitors by simply inserting a link in the desired field.

131. Can I Rank

Free / Paid

Website: https://www.canirank.com/

Want to check how well your content is optimized and what are the chances of ranking it? Then this service is for you. There is also an approximate bet on the promotion of certain key phrases, monthly expenses on attracting traffic, etc.

132. EpicBeat


Website: https://epicenter.epictions.com/epicbeat/explore/

It analyzes successful content in your niche and suggests that it usually works well and which mistakes should be avoided. For example, software can tell you that for queries “how to choose a bike” materials with embedded video or GIF animation work best. So you know exactly what your audience needs.

133. Gogretel


Website: http://gogretel.com/seo-tool/

A simple, free, but sometimes useful tool for analyzing SEO materials. Test it on your pages.

134. Impactana


Website: http://www.impactana.com/

This is the main competitor to the giant BuzzSumo. Now  Impactana  is in the testing phase, so only the beta version is available. But it is already clear from it that this tool has every chance to become a market leader. The service provides a complete analysis and “combes” the content in all respects, including external and internal links, the age of publication, and so on.

135. Keys4Up


Website: http://www.keys4up.com/

You know that in order to promote entries in search engines you need to fill the material with key phrases. But you need to understand that additional words also affect the position. This service will help you select phrases that would also be nice to insert in an article.

136. LSIGraph


Website: http://lsigraph.com/

An excellent free hidden keyword generator for the formation of a full-fledged semantic core. Enter the word – and get a lot of additional options that are desirable to use in all of your content.

137. MarketMuse


Website: https://www.marketmuse.com/products

Advanced content analysis tool. He looks through your material and compares it with other publications on the Internet. The service will notify you if you are not using keywords that will help you move faster and more efficiently in search engines for the main request.

138. nTopic

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.ntopic.org/

Software will help you make the content more relevant. He will scan the text and give precise recommendations on what needs to be done to improve SEO performance. Works as an additional plugin for WordPress.

Backlink Analysis Tools

139. Ahrefs

Paid / Free

Website: https://ahrefs.com/

Need to analyze the effectiveness of backlinks? Then get started with this program. The database is updated at least once a day, so you can get information about new backlinks as quickly as possible. One of the few tools that should be in the daily arsenal of an SEO specialist.

140. cognitiveSEO


Website: http://cognitiveseo.com/

A comprehensive tool in which backlink analysis is one of the main advantages. Separately, it is worth highlighting the function “Unnatural Link Detection”. It allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the link even before its publication. So you can avoid fines and bans from Google for links from poor resources.

141. Kerboo


Website: https://kerboo.com/apps/

Another complete set of tools for a professional SEO specialist. Includes backlink analysis, website SEO audit, rank tracking and more.

142. Link Research Tools


Website: http://www.linkresearchtools.com/

It scans your backlinks and separately lists the options that could potentially lead to problems. More precisely, to the ban from Google. It is also possible to determine which links have already become a source of trouble. This allows you to quickly get rid of malicious backlinks.

143. Majestic SEO

Free / Paid

Website: https://majestic.com/

The tool has a free version and is currently one of the leading services on the market for tracking backlinks. It is possible to analyze individual resources. You examine all the information in detail to see if you are working with normal resources.

144. Monitor Backlinks


Website: https://monitorbacklinks.com/

The name of the service speaks for itself. Nevertheless, this is not its only function. It also helps you find sites for publishing effective backlinks, and also tracks rank. The tool is paid, but fully justifies its cost.

145. Moz Pro


Website: https://moz.com/products/pro

A package of tools that contains all the necessary functions for SEO-optimization of sites and tracking results. Backlink analysis is one of the strengths of the service.

146. MozBar

Free / Paid

Website: https://moz.com/tools/seo-toolbar

Tool for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Allows you to directly view the weight of the page and domain directly in the search engine. So you will find resources much faster on which it will be useful to publish a back link.

147. Open Link Profiler

Free / Paid

Website: http://openlinkprofiler.org/

The paid version of the program has slightly fewer functions than its analogues, nevertheless there are some interesting features that you will definitely like. For example, the ability to analyze the page and audit the entire site.

148. SEO PowerSuite

Free / Paid

Website: http://www.seopowersuite.com/

Another set of tools for SEO, including analysis of backlinks, tracking rank, site audit and even analysis of key phrases. More features are available in the paid version.

149. Netpeak Spider

Free / Paid

Website:   https://netpeaksoftware.com/en/spider

One of the most convenient and intuitive tools for technical website optimization. The program is tailored to work with large projects, the number of URLs in which is 1 million URLs or more.

With its help, you can conduct a deep SEO audit and identify all the main problems: H1 tags, 4xx x 5xx x 3xx errors, duplicate content, empty Alt attributes.

The site is evaluated by the search bot, and based on the analysis, the tool  highlights errors in different colors [depending on criticality].

In addition to quickly identifying SEO problems that affect site ranking, the main advantage of Netpeak Spider is integration with Yandex.Metrica [analogues have no such opportunity so far].

It is also convenient that each error is described and the user is given advice on how to fix it. 


In this list you will definitely find SEO-tools that will help you promote your site in the top search engines. Of course, many of them intersect and have similar functions. This is the advantage.

These SEO tools for Blogger and Marketers which helps you to beat your competitors. You can choose the most suitable tools from paid / free, difficult / simple options.

I believe this collection is useful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment us.

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