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We all know content is King, but not everyone could churn out valuable content for their businesses or websites. Sometimes, there could be shortage of time; you have too many tasks to focus your attention on.

So, Outsourcing your content might be your best option. You might want to hire a content writer qualified enough to churn out valuable resources that meet your standard.

You want to hire a Content Writer? If you need to hire a freelance writer for your business or website, You are in the right place.

Well, If you are looking to hire a writer that could satisfy both Search Engines (Google, Bing, and so on) and User Intents (Great User Experience), look no further for I am your man.

You want to know why you should hire me as your Content Writer? I will tell you. 

5 Reasons Why Should You Hire Me As A Content Writer

1. I do lots of Research

While hiring a content writer, You should pay close attention to whether the writer is willing to dig deep and find interest points to include in your content.

I am obsessed with doing research, I love to make my content a source for new information. While writing for my clients, my primary focus is to make their content the go-to source everyone will love to refer to, and that’s another opportunity to earn free organic backlinks.

2. I am Reliable

Imagine hiring a content creator that doesn’t meet up with time? That could be annoying, and that could hurt your business or website.

My usual practice is to submit clients’ works a day before the deadline. This in any way does not hurt the content quality. I don’t specifically focus on time. I aim at writing valuable content and beating deadlines.

After all, Quality beats Quantity.

3. I know SEO

One of the main reasons to outsource content writing is SEO. Regardless of how good content is, it will never win a sweet ranking spot if it’s not properly optimized.

You want content that’s SEO-optimized, and ready to start ranking with little to no effort? I will do that for you.

I know SEO, I know how to structure content and convinced Search Engines like Google to rank them. 

4. I am Affordable

Hiring a freelance writer does not mean you would break the bank. Although Quality Content does not come at cheap prices, it should also be affordable.

Regardless of what type of content you want me to write, My prices are affordable at a standard quality. If you want to hire me for a long-term project, you will get a better price.

My prices are not fixed; it depends on what you want. There’s a client of mine that always requires 5000+ words, 10+ Screenshots, and data tables. You won’t compare the price with that of someone that needs a 1000 words quality content, and nothing more.

P.S You are free to state your prices while contacting me.

5. I write SEO Friendly Content

If your contents are not resonating with your readers, you shouldn’t write them in the first place. Articles are meant to sound friendly and enticing, not harsh and bossy.

I pride myself as a friendly content writer. I write like I am talking to a friend I never want to lose. I make sure to hold readers down with a friendly tone and avoid ambiguous words that turn readers off.

If the 5 reasons above are convincing enough to hire me as your content writer, Use the form below. I will get back to you in 12 hours.

How Much Do I Charge for Content Creation?

Like I mentioned earlier, It depends on your request and how in-depth you want your article to be (I love a detailed guide). I don’t have a fixed price tag.

To hint you: My charges range between $0.05 – $0.10 per Word. We can discuss more when I receive your mail.

My Strong Points

As a freelance writer, I can write in any niche. I have clients whose niches are not in any form related to mine, but I never fail them.

I love writing in-depth blog posts about marketing, Blogging and B2B topics, including:

  • Blogging Tools Review
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing and writing tools
  • Running a business
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization

If your niche is not related to anything mentioned above, don’t get discouraged, I will still serve you well. 

Ready to hire me? Reach me through the Contact Form Below or Mail me at: