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What is off page SEO + 11 Off Page SEO techniques

If you want to earn money from Blogging or if you want to get more customers for selling your products on your website, then Organic Traffic is important.

A lot of people get good traffic from social media but the traffic received from social media is not as beneficial as that received from Google.

To rank a website in Google or any search engine, you need to know about Off Page SEO. You should know what ‘Off Page SEO is and how to do Off Page SEO’!

If you do not know the meaning of Organic Traffic, then tell that Organic Traffic means Natural Traffic. And to make the blog successful, Blogging Courses are also very helpful to a large extent, to make the blog successful.

In Organic Traffic, readers of his category come to your website, which category is your website. With this, you get more clicks on your ads and if you sell products, then people are interested in your products.

Because if your website is on technology, then someone will search about the technology on Google, only then will come to your website.

A lot of people believe that Search Engines do not get as much traffic as social media.

‘This is true in a way and wrong in a way’.

Because those who are a news site or a site with viral articles, they get more traffic from social media like Amarujala, Rajasthan patrika and Aajtak etc.

But on the other side, there are professional websites on which information is given based on a subject, they get more traffic from Search Engines, such as Wikipedia!

How to get traffic from Search Engines?

How to get traffic from search engines, organic traffic
Get traffic from search engines

To get Organic Traffic from Search Engines you have to work a little bit.
All Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. aim to give the best answer to the Queries of their users. And Add Table Of Contents in Blogger post To boost organic traffic.

So always write content that your readers like. Try to give complete information in your written article properly.

That is, take care of the quality of your article. If your content quality is good then it will not take long for your articles to be ranked.
But for good ranking in Search Engine, you also have to take care of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In Search Engine Optimization, you have to mold your website in such a way that Search Engines can understand the content on your website.

There are 2 types of Search Engine Optimization.

First, On Page SEO, in which we have to do all the work from our website itself.
On Page SEO includes setting keywords, optimizing URLs, reducing Site Speed, using headings, Meta Description and Meta Titles etc. But in Off Page SEO, all the work is done outside the website.
If you focus on any type of SEO, then work will not be possible because both of them are dependent on each other. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to both.

In this article, we will know what is Off Page SEO and how to do Off Page SEO?

What is Off Page SEO?

What is off page SEO?

Off Page SEO includes those factors that are not directed to rank your websites in Search Engines.

In On Page SEO we do all the work from inside the website whereas in Off Page SEO we do all the work from outside the website.

Whereas in On Page SEO, we optmize the website’s non-existent content, on the other hand in Off Page SEO, we increase the power and authority of our website so that Search Engines know about you.

Well, Search Engines give more importance to Content Quality in today’s time, but many such cases are also seen when our article is more Deeper, Fresh and Informative but still it cannot be ranked.

Because our website does not have that much authority.

Even if there is a small article with less information on Wikipedia, it will still rank on the 1st page because Wikipedia has now become a brand and its authority is very high.

In simple language, he is a Reputed Website in the eyes of Search Engines.

In Off Page SEO, we create the Reputation of our website in front of Search Engines in ways like Link Building or Brand Mention. Once Search Engines considers your website as Quality Full Content Provided, then all your articles start to be ranked at the top. Just like with Wikipedia.

So now you must have understood what Off Page SEO is but it is also important to know how to do Off Page SEO? So let’s know.

How to do Off Page SEO? 11 off page SEO techniques

11 Off Page SEO techniques

Off Page SEO also mates for the good ranking of the website as much as On Page SEO. In Off Page SEO, there are not as many Factors as On Page SEO but whatever they are, they are all important.

1. Link Building:-

Link building means creating backlinks. If you do not know about Backlinks, then tell that when there is a link to our website on any other website, then it is Backlinks.

There are two types of backlinks:

Dofollow Backlinks
Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks are considered good for Search Engine Ranking.

But creating unnecessary backlinks can also spoil the value of your site. Make Backlinks from only those websites which are in the category of your website.

Apart from this, you also have to take care of the authority of those websites. Always create Backlinks from High Authority Websites.

To make backlinks, you can use Guest Posts, Paid Posts, Comments etc.

Pro Tip:- Whenever commenting on any blog, keep in mind that whether the category of that website matches your website or not, if you do not, you should not create more such backlink, than the website with which the category of your website matches. Think of taking a backlink.

2. Domain Authority:-

Not many new Bloggers know about Domain Authority. This is a Scale of 1 – 100 that tells how reliable your site is.

To increase the Domain Authority, you have to create high quality links.
Apart from this, the more the users like your website, the Domain Authority also increases.

3. Social Media Promotion:-

When we create a new Websitse, we promote it on Social Media. According to Off Page SEO, this work is also true.

Link sharing of websites on social media does not benefit as much as creating backlinks.
But it is definitely a bit profitable. But you also have to do Social Media Promotion with a different Stratagy.

4. Search Engine Submission:-

When you create a new website, Search Engines have difficulty finding your website in the beginning.
So why not tell them that you have also come to the market now. For this you can do Search Engine Submission.

You can submit your Sitemap by verifying your website on Google and Yahoo’s Webmaster.

5. Use Online QnA Forums:-

In recent times there are online QnA Forums like Yahoo Answers and Quora with the help of which you can also get good traffic and can also create backlinks.

6. Baiting Links:-

For this, you have to find questions related to the topic of your article and give a link to your website or article with an answer giving a Satisfaction.

7. Use Image Sharing Sites:-

If you have used images in your article, then you can use them in big photo sharing websites such as Pinterest, SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket. I personally use this method, it can be very useful. More than this, people will be able to see it and will be able to write their comment below, they can also follow it and reach your site.

8. Video Marketing:-

Just  like image Sharing, if you have videos or you have created them yourself, then you can submit them to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. so that people will get to learn something from them and they can also reach you. Through your links.

9. Use Blog Submission Directories:-

To bring unique traffic from google search engine to your website, you must have submitted it in google webmaster tools. Maybe bing, yahoo must have submitted the blog on search engine directory.

But do you know, more blog directory is available besides this? Apart from traffic from google search engine, traffic from other directory submission sites can also be brought from the website.

You must be wondering, what other directory submission is left. I am going to tell you about the top best blog submission website (verified) list.

1 Boing boing 88
2 Alltop 70
3 On top list 58
4 Entire Web 52
5 Blog Adda 50
6 IndianBlogger 50
7 Blog Listing 48
8 Blogarama 45
9 Blog Flux 44
10 Blog Hub 43

In which you can increase blog traffic further by submitting blog. And you can increase the good rank of your website on google.

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10. Guest Posting:-

Some people say guest Posting is not a good way. There is no use. Article Post Submitting to another website does not provide any backlink.

But I say submitting the post to other website blog makes a big difference. By publishing on another website, the rank of your website increases.

And google has better Pageviews Improvement. I agree that it gives rank result by delay, but it is very beneficial to do so. Those are called guest post.

I say, you can also bring visitors to your website from other sites by guest posting. Visitors also get to know about our website, which website has published this post.

In which the link to your name and website is given inside the post.

11. Infographic Submission:-

infographic submission is also a good idea. It is like a local social media. Search engine optimization through infographic submission social media is the best and best technique.

They are integrated with data and information. By submitting on infographic submission, blog website and blog content post can get high rank.

To do blog off page SEO, submit blog traffic and google rank by submitting on infographic sites.

But the whole game is about making links.


In today’s article, we talked about Off Page SEO. Today we learned ‘What is Off Page SEO and how to do Off Page SEO’? If you still have any questions related to Off Page SEO, then you can ask us through Comment. For other such interesting information, do not forget to subscribe to our Free Newsletter.

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