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Hello friends, as you know pubg mobile is celebrating its second anniversary. The previous Season of pubg mobile, meaning Season 12, was released on 6 March 2020.

And you know that after Season 12, now Season 13 of pubg mobile is coming with 0.18.0 Update. Pubg Mobile Season 13 Royale pass rewards has leaked. Along with this, new gun skins, emotes And Vikendi 2.0 map Also been leaked. Pubg mobile season 13 Release date Confirmed.

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So in today’s post, I am going to tell you the Royale Pass leaks, New gun skins, New vehicle skins, diamond tier rewards of Season, New map, and release date of pubg mobile Season 13.

Pubg Mobile Season 13 Highlights:-

  • PUBG Mobile Season 13 details leaked 
  • It may be called Toy Playground 
  • PUBG Mobile Season 13 may feature Power Ranger themed skins.

Pubg Mobile Season 13 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 13 will Release on the 12th may 2020. And season 12 ends on 11th may 2020.

Pubg Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass Leaks Rewards

Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile Season 13, players can also get a new AUG skin and a three helmet skin.

If players purchase a Royale Pass, they will also get a choice of costume rewards which includes Lava Superman and Flash Superman.

Apart from this, new character skins will be available with Lego themed colorful guns in this new season. It will be exactly like the television series Power Rangers.

According to YouTuber Mr.Ghost Gaming, season 13 will be introduced as ‘Toy Playground’. Skins and Weapons look like toys in it.

Let’s know about Pubg mobile Season 13 Royale pass rewards leaks.

1. Power Ranger Mythic Outfit

Pubg mobile session 13 power Ranger Mythic Outfit, season 13 Royale pass rewards, Pubg mobile Season 13 leaks
As I told you above, pubg mobile update 0.18.0 (season 13) may feature Power Ranger themed skin.
Mythic Outfit is being launched by pubg mobile for Power Ranger fans to enable them to emulate their favorite character in the game. This rare costume can be obtained at the final level of Season 13 Royale Pass, ie Level 100. 
But keep in mind that for this, players need to buy Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile.You can Earn Money By playing pubg mobile, if you want Royale pass.

2. Ghost Outfit

Pubg mobile session 13 ghost outfit, season 13 leaks, Pubg mobile Season 13 Royale pass rewards, season 13 outfits
Ghost outfit that happens to threaten enemies. According to me, Season 13 is one of the rarest awards at the Royale Pass.
Because it has a very amazing design. Which I am going to tell you. This dress comes with a gas mask and gloves.
However, at what level the organization will be attainable is still unclear. According to some leaks, players can obtain this costume by opening the crate. 
As soon as the update comes about, I will update this post immediately.

3. Vector Gun Skin

Pubg mobile session 13 vector gun skin, Pubg mobile Season 13 gun skins, season 13 skins, season 13 Royale pass Leaks, new gun skins

PUBG Mobile has introduced something special for SMG lovers this time. Players can equip a specific skin of Vector in the upcoming Season 13 Royale Pass.

Underlining its design, the weapon’s finish has been enhanced by a combination of four different colors, making it more attractive. In addition, the player will see a Power Ranger symbol to the right of the trigger button.

4. Helmet Skin

Pubg mobile session 13 New helmet Skin, Pubg mobile Season 13 Royale pass leaks, new skins in season 13, season 13 rewards leaks

The next Royale Pass reward that leaked online is a helmet skin. This time pubg mobile has given the helmet skin very different. The new helmet skin is based on the new toy theme of season 13.

5. Parachute Skin

Pubg mobile session 13 parachute Skin, parachute skin, Pubg mobile Season 13 Royale pass rewards, season 13 leaks, new skins

The season 13 parachute has also leaked, and is going to be green. As you saw above, the skin of the helmet is also green.

The design of this parachute also indicates the Royale Pass season 13 logo and theme.

6. Cute Shushi Dog Ornament

Pubg mobile session 13 New Shushi Dog ornament, pubg mobile ornament photos, Pubg mobile Season 13 ornament photos, season 13 New skins

A cute sushi dog ornament is also set to come out in Royale Pass season 13.

In this ornament, Dog has closed his eyes, and has put out his tongue. The animation added to the jewelery by PUBG Mobile is adorable, but will be available in premium crates.

Summer Mode

According to a Youtuber (Mr ghost), PUBG Mobile will get a new mode called Summer Mode in the upcoming update 0.17.0 (Season 13).

Youtuber  alsoc claims that the new summer mode in PUBG Mobile will introduce a new map. But, it looks like a whole map; It is an island, with a heart shape.

New Emotes

A new Emote called “Joyful Twist” is coming to PUBG Mobile Season 13. New Emotes named “Shuffling Hands” and “Talk to the Hand” will also come.

New Map – Vikendi 2.0 

In PUBG Mobile Season 13, like Erangle 2.0, it will introduce a new map called “Vikendi 2.0“. It is believed that this is currently due to a lack of map playing numbers.

Let me tell you that last time pubg mobile talked about bringing erangle 2.0 map in season 12.
Watch full video, To see trailer of Vikendi 2.0 

Surfing Mode

Nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems that a new surfing mode may appear in PUBG Mobile Season 13.

Control of surfing boards works similar to the current snow-skis in PUBG Mobile. If this mode comes in pubg mobile season 13, then players will be greatly excited about it.


So these were pubg mobile season 13 leaks. I have told you all the leaks of season 13, and after this there will be more leaks, then I will update the post immediately.

If you want to get any kind of information or want to give any opinion, related to Pubg Mobile Season 13, then feel free to comment us.

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Watch Video And see live, Pubg Mobile Season 13’s Leaks like Gun skins, New Emotes and much more.

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