20+ Best Tools to Create Multilingual Content and Managing

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Almost all business owners seek expansion and scaling. At some point in the familiar market it becomes crowded, and there is a need to enter wider territories. It is time for multilingual Content (multilingualism). And you should know about Best Tools to Create Multilingual Content.

You have probably already read many articles on how to write and check texts. If suddenly not, then here are some of our materials on this topic:

140+ Best SEO Tools for a Marketer

If you have encountered automatic and semi-automatic verification of the quality of text in your native language, then you understand the importance of these measures for entering the foreign market.

Consider a few popular online tools for working with English texts.

Let’s know about these 20 perfect tools to create multilingual Content.

#1. Grammarly.com

Multilingual Content tool,

Relatively young Kiev startup. The main functionality of the program resembles the Spelling. Checks the text for grammar and spelling errors, gives recommendations on vocabulary and style.

The basic functionality is completely free, and a deeper analysis of an unlimited amount of content will cost $ 30 per month.

You can work not only in the program window, but also using the extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

#2. AeroLeads – Emails, Numbers and Blogs list Finder

AeroLeads, Emails list finder, Numbers, Blogs list Finder, Best Tool for managing multilingual content

If you want to find the emails and phone numbers of your prospects from LinkedIn, AeroLeads will be your best option. All you have to do is install this AeroLeads chrome extension and start adding your prospects. This lead generation tool will helps you in finding the datas such as email, phone numbers, websites, etc…

This is a perfect and recommend tool for every marketer.

#3. Hemingway App


Hemingway is an editor whose basic principle resembles Glavred. The tool selects bulky text fragments and gives recommendations for correction. With it, you can “clean” the article from an excess of pronouns, dialects, passive voice.

The editor has the ability to work with styles and tags [for example, H1 – H3], make bulleted or numbered lists, insert links, and so on.

You can work with the tool online for free or download it for $ 9.99.

#4. Read-Able

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Using this software you can check how readable the text is. The tool contains the Flash-Kincaid formula: the higher the final indicator, the easier the content is perceived by the target audience.

Read-Able gives recommendations, following which the article can be adjusted to the age of readers.

#5. Copyscape


This is one of the most popular tools for checking for uniqueness. The specificity is that it analyzes the entire site you need and allows you to calculate whether the materials have been stolen or rewritten. And along the way, you can identify the page load speed of the resource, the main errors, the ratio of text and code, the number of words on different URLs.

You can only check for uniqueness in Google and Yahoo. Yandex is not available. To use the service for free, keep the daily limit of 10 checks. Need more? Then you have to pay extra 5 cents for each next.

#6. Dupli Checker

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These are 12 tools, among which:

  • Uniqueness check
  • Copy Check
  • Image Search
  • Word Count
  • Reference mass check
  • Domain check
  • Other

Among other “goodies” is the ability to correct basic grammatical and stylistic errors. The service is free, but you can check no more than 1000 words at a time.

#7. Scrivener

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This online tool helps to conduct text projects and not get lost in a large amount of information. Suitable for copywriters, screenwriters, writers, project managers and any business that generates many articles. You can place text documents in different folders, and the editor itself contains automatic typography correction.

The interface is built in such a way that makes it possible to prepare a brief synopsis for projects, as well as view all the notes on a single board. Text (as in Google Docs) is saved automatically, but, unlike the basic functionality of Google Drive, documents are better organized.

#8. HubSpot [Blog Ideas]

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It often happens that you are sitting in a stupor and do not know what topic to choose for the material. This service helps to find interesting and “unlocked” ideas.

To get started, just enter some lexical landmark in the search bar. In the issue will appear options for those that can be taken to work.

#9. Thesaurus

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This tool is an analogue of our “Association Network”. Designed to search for synonyms, context. With Thesaurus, you can achieve lexical diversity in the text.


Completely free tool that turns complex and “clerical” words into simple analogues. Suitable for decoding slang. The main task that can be solved is the translation of business and “cold” text into a good spoken language.

#11. RhymeZone

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If you work with slogans, a poetic form or an essay, this online service will help you choose rhymes, harmonies, phonetically pleasant combinations of words. The tool is free.

#12. EMV Headline Analyzer

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Do you always read an article? Typically, the material is opened when the headline attracts the reader, intrigues, answers his request. This tool helps to analyze the marketing potential and emotional richness of the phrase.

The higher the percentage in the SERP, the more responsive the headline will cause the audience. The tool also offers its own options.

The grammar, readability and structure are analyzed. The service is completely free.

#13. Ahrefs

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You have probably heard about this marketing tool for link mass analysis, but it is also suitable for selecting topics for SMM.

Using Ahrefs, the author can analyze keywords and highlight the most popular content on various topics.

#14. Hunter

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This extension for Chrome allows you to contact the owners of sites and helps in the placement of content. You can find the most relevant emails and create a newsletter for guest publications or any other connection with the owners of resources.

The activity is completely legal: only publicly accessible mail addresses are collected.

#15. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

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Completely free service for the selection of relevant key queries in the English-language media space. You can choose the most effective and competitive semantic basis for the article.

#16. Live Keyword Analysis

Another free keyword tool. With it, you can check the density of keys and the quality of optimization of the written text.

Even a high-quality and balanced text should be “driven” through the service: it will be equally well accepted by readers and search robots. In addition, you can determine the focal key, a lot of requests, their priority. 

# 17. MozBar

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Using the extension, you can analyze the volume of links on the site and check the quality of SEO-optimization. The tool detects the density of keys and issues those words under which the text was written.

The resulting semantic framework identifies the target audience, evaluates the content on the pages, the prevalence in social media, the quality of technical optimization and the volume of the link mass.

#18. Canva

IMG 20200709 102705

As a rule, the author is somehow responsible for the graphic content in the publications: sometimes he selects references for the designer or creates banners and brands the accompanying images on his own.

This is one of the most popular tools for creating your own images, collages and other graphic content for free. The service is shareware [you can use truncated functionality without paying for a subscription].

#19. CopyDoodles

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Another service for copywriters and publishing editors, which helps to choose visual elements for articles, site pages, social media. The library contains a large number of graphics, comics, typography. Unfortunately, the tool is paid.

#20. Flickr

This is cooler than the photo stock. Use Flickr to search for live pictures from users: they are not processed in Photoshop, of good quality, and all that is required of you is to specify the source.

#21. Quora

IMG 20200709 102643 1

One of the popular tools for link building: something like a social network where you can share materials in selected topics and collect feedback from other people.

For Quora users, this is the possibility of networking, searching sites for guest blogging, a tool for building high-quality link mass for their materials.


Almost all the services in the collection are free or inexpensive. We hope that you will collect a personal “suitcase” of programs for creating, checking, designing and distributing multilingual content. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to comment us.

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